A spunky elven Magecarver from the village of Whitestone.


Laereth Elmseer
Female Elf Walker.
Attributes: Str 10, Dex 10, Con 10, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 12.
Stats: Init I, Defense II, Attack II, Resilience II, Competance III, Health II, Signature Skill (Crafting) III.
Qualities: Attractice II, Expertise (Crafting), Feats (Charm and Essencebinding Basics/Mastery), Meek, Burden of Ages, Improved Sense (hearing, sight).
Gear: Masterwork Stonecutter’s/Carpentry kits.
Location: Whitestone

Essences: Greater NPC Quality, Damage Reduction, Damage Resistance, Greater Damage Resistance, Feat, and Class Ability

Charms: Greater Storage, Defense Bonus, Attribute Bonus, Greater Skill Ranks, Spell Effect, Greater Attribute Bonus


Daughter of one of the original ‘found elves’, Laereth Elmseer always found herself more comfortable around humans than members of her own species. Perhaps she likes the respect humans give to elves, perhaps she likes their adventurous nature, perhaps she likes being a stable constant in a changing community. Whatever the reason, Laereth Elmseer has lived in a number of human villages making a living as one of the skilled few who can call themselves Magesmiths (though in her case she is a Magecarver, since she does not make arms and armor.) Having decades of skill in carving wood and stone, Laereth has etched out a rather nice living in the town of Whitestone as the only one with the skill to weave protective charms upon the shimmering white rocks that give the town its name. Laereth met Janus when he rescued the then-budding town of Whitestone from a rampaging troll, and as thanks she worked her magic and made him a beautiful bronze amulet with her jewelry-making that gave him the troll’s regenerative abilities. For awhile that was the last she and Janus had contact with each-other, but when he and the Three Rivers of Freedom later built Riverheim she and Janus came back into contact and he had a workshop built so that she can ply her trade and be around should he and his Sunchasing group need her services.

Laereth Elmseer is, as many would describe her, “Spunky.” Quick with her wit and sharper than her carving knife, Laereth is the one elven woman who has so far been completely and utterly unimpressed with Janus’ romantic attempts and has kept their relationship strictly professional and friendly. Though she has the ability to craft beautiful jewelry, she typically wears little-to-no fancy adornments on her own body; instead opting to craft her pieces for work and enjoyment instead of making herself look better.


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