Bright Future, upgraded

Full Elven Scalemail


“Bright Future”

Essences (2): Greater Edge Surge, Lesser NPC Quality (Never Outnumbered)

  • Greater Edge Surge (1 / combat, trigger to gain 4 Edge)
  • Never Outnumbered (for feats/abilities that require that I be outnumbered, I never count as being outnumbered despite actual physical numbers of opponents)

Charms (0):

Armor: medium Moderate Scalemail, Heavy Fittings

  • Moderate Scalemail (DR 4, Edged Resist 3, -2 DP, -1 ACP, -5’ speed, obvious, Hard 4 const, 45 lbs)
  • Heavy Fittings (+2 DR, -1 DP, -1 ACP, -5’ speed, -6 Disguise, +1 const, +12 lbs)

Upgrades (8): Elf, Superior, Fitted, Lightweight, Blessed, Ceremonial

  • Elf {craftsmanship} (+1 ACP, +5’ speed, -50% weight)
  • Superior {material} (+1 save)
  • Blessed {customization} (Divine Resistance 4)
  • Ceremonial {customization} (-1 DR, +1 to Appearance, -25% weight)
  • Fireproof {customization} (Fire Resistance 4)
  • Fitted {customization} (-1 to DP/ACP penalties (owner only))
  • Lightweight {customization} (+5’ speed, -25% weight)
  • Vented {customization} (Heat Resistance 4)

Full Scalemail
DR 5, Edged 3 & Divine 4 & Fire 4 & Heat 4, -2 DP, 0 ACP, 0’ speed penalty, Hard 6, 14.25 lbs, obvious (+1 Appearance bonus)


Scalemail “Bright Future”
[19:10] <takeru> Scales of the Unflinching Hero. Created long ago when the Elves weren’t quite wiped out,but were on the verge of their destruction. Made to grant the wearer of the armor the courage and skill tofight countless foes to defend their people, and filled with the hope and courage of the elven race; allowing the wearer to tap into that hope and courage in order to pull off feats of skill and
[19:10] <takeru> bravery that none could match
[19:10] <takeru> found in an ancient ruin that was wiped out not by force of arms, but a siege; leaving the armor untarnished and magically protected from the wear of the ages
[19:11] <takeru> you found it in a time of need in the ruins, and after it saved your life against a powerfulfoe with the courage you gained from it, you sought out some of the remaining elves to have the armor refitted to your body

Bright Future, upgraded

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