Garden of Rainbows

Crystal Garden


Garden of Rainbows

level 15 Lesser Artifact {total Reputation cost, including bonus for Immobile, is 94 Rep}

Essences (3): Lesser NPC Quality (Masterful Healing), Feat (Basic Skill Mastery – Healing), Casting Level Bonus (Enchanter school) {6+20+20=46}

  • Masterful Healing (doubles natural healing and even boosts healing of critical injuries)
  • Basic Skill Mastery [Healing] (gain a +2 Insight bonus and a threat-range of 19-20 with Medicine and Sense Motive)
  • Casting Level Bonus (+2 Casting Level when casting spells of the Enchanter school)

Charms (3): Spell (Calm Emotions, lvl 2 Charm), Spell (Restoration I, lvl 2 Healing), Greater Spell Point Bonus {(2*5)(2*5)(8*6)=68}

  • Calm Emotions (cast 5/scene. details on page 121)
  • Restoration I (cast 5/scene. details on page 143)
  • Greater Spell Point Bonus (grants 6 Spell points per Scene)

Homebrew NPC Quality: Masterful Healing (+2xp) {variant of Fast Healing and Regeneration}

  • The NPC heals damage at twice the standard rate. Also, his critical injuries heal in 1d4 days instead of 1d4 months, and he is only Sickened for 1d6 minutes when successfully treated.

[23:05] <shesa> it’s big enough and important enough to actually have plants, (tho all the plants are useful, even the flowering ones, at least as medicine, if nothing else) but it’s also got lots and lots of crystals, including ones specifically for piping the light down to the garden to let the plants grow
[23:06] <shesa> so the whole cavern is flooded in rainbow light, with individual beams of single colors, as well as a general glow that, through careful placement of crystals, changes color through the spectrum over the course of the day (as the sun moves above ground)
[23:07] <shesa> and it’s got all the different plants spread around to accent the crystals that make up the garden, each with their own colors
[23:07] <shesa> and lots of little pools of water and small waterfalls, including ones specially designed to create mist, for even more fancy lighting effects
[23:09] <shesa> I was just trying to figure out what a public garden would be like in an underground dwarven city, especially since I’d already reasoned that family “gardens” would bemore likely to be crystal gardens instead of plant gardens due to the expense/difficulty of having real plant gardens for every home
[23:10] <shesa> and then thought “why not combine it all, since it’s a major thing for the city, not just an individual family thing. tho it’s still gotta be useful too, to justify that much plant-growing lit-space not used for food production”
[23:12] <shesa> hmm. actually, with the way FC works, it’s probably a magic item (and obviously immovable, since the “item” is an entire cavern and the associated light/water/air channels feeding it)
[23:15] <shesa> now I want to design it as a magic item. probably a minor artifact(essence/charm crafting supremacy feats let you create artifacts, tho only 3 essences/charms, instead of the 5 that the GM is allowed, so I call them minor artifacts)

[21:33] <~thegm> Trottenfyx: “The garden is down below the surface. You can see up on the mountainbehind the city, those great crystals? Those focus light down shafts and are directed by deeper crystals to the gardens.”
[21:35] <~thegm> * Up on the mountain there are some truely enormous, as large as a village or town,very smooth, and looking like great eyes. In fact, if you were flying the island and city would look like a fact. The dwarves say it is in the likeness of one of the Faces of Creation.
[21:37] <~thegm> * You head down a wide set of busy stairs. “This is one of the entrance shafts to the lower city, as I’m sure Shesa would be familiar with. Dwarven cities are very vertical, going up and down.”
[21:37] <janus> “Impressive, I must say. Grander even than the faces of the great heroes.”
[21:43] <~thegm> Bertun: “Thank you for your kind words. I have never seen the faces of Caskenneth but I hear it is remarkable itself.”
[21:44] <~thegm> * You head down below (picture a new york subway entrance with dwarves)
[21:46] <~thegm> * You pass through residential areas and then to the markets, which go from worked goods to food stores, before you go through a grand archway.
[21:46] <~thegm> Trottenfyx: “Sunchasers, behold the Garden of Rainbows!”
[21:47] <~thegm> * You are on an upper balcony, the equivelent of ten stories above the edge of the vast shallow bowl shaped cavern filled with crystals of every color and vegetation of every kind.
[21:49] <~thegm> Bertun: “We grow most of our food from here of the plant variety. Many herbs andspices that you can not obtain anywhere else. It is truely a natural wonder of the world even before we came and crafted and nurtured it to be even more glorious.”
[21:50] <~thegm> Trottenfyx: “The crystals themselves are mostly of the common kind, though there are a few rare and valuable ones. Their worth is the vast quantity of them and that they bring in the sunlight.”
[21:52] <~thegm> * You walk down a winding stair case to the cavern’s floor far below. The air here feels invigorating and wholesome.
[21:53] <~thegm> * It is also filled with waterfalls and mists, splashing over and from the crystals, and glistening on the darker stone walls.
[21:56] <~thegm> * A few butterbats flutter over and land on your heads briefly

Garden of Rainbows

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