Shortblade Armor

Lightweight Pech Moderate Leather Armor


Essences (2): Greater Edged Resistance, Greater Edged Aura

  • Greater Edged Resistance: Armor gains 10 Damage Resistance against Edged Damage
  • Greater Edged Aura: When successfully attacked by an adjacent opponent, opponent takes 1d10 Edged Damage

Charms (0):

Upgrades (2):

  • Pech: +1 DP, +4 Disguise
  • Lightweight: +5 Speed

Moderate Leather Armor
DR 2, Fire Resist 5, -0 DP, -0 ACP, Full Speed, -0 Disguise, Soft 3, 10 lbs


Decades ago there was a great hero of the Pech; a Janno man who rallied a group of the short-statured folk and fought against oppression and slavery. The Pech hailed him as a hero, and gifted him with armor that would withstand even the deadliest of swords. The man traveled the land, besting the valley’s greatest swordsmen, becoming a heroic legend and revered by the people.

Then he got eaten by a crocodile, because teeth aren’t swords.

The armor (now missing the armguards, helm, pauldrons, and its true name) sat in a display case of the corrupt Duke Ruppern for many years until the day that Janus of Issau came to take his life. The armor was the crown jewel of his collection of rare armors and antique weapons, and of all the items in the collection it was the one that called out to the disguised Assassin who had brought only a knife and a stolen guardsman’s outfit. Janus put the armor on and challenged the Duke to a duel, finding that every strike of the Duke’s powerful fencing blade he took appeared on his opponent instead of himself!

On defeating the Duke, Janus decided to keep the armor for himself. On noticing the obvious Pech Craftsmanship, he decided to dub his new equipment “Shortblade Armor”; referencing both the people who made it, as well as it’s ability to turn away any sword and strike with a blow of it’s own. The armor has since served him well in his many encounters, and he has gotten it dyed and embroidered to better match his sense of style. The armor can be worn over clothing for obvious protection, or hidden almost perfectly under his clothing when needing to disguise himself for his work. When combined with his other items, Janus becomes a foe that is truly fearsome to battle in close combat…and close combat is exactly where the Assassin thrives.

Shortblade Armor

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