Dwarven Nagamaki

weapon (melee)

Nagamaki “Zephyr”

Essences (2): Greater NPC Quality (Rend), Lesser NPC Quality (Critical Surge)

  • Rend (each time I hit an adjacent opponent, make 1 free attack against the same target)
  • Critical Surge (with each critical hit or success, gain 1 additional half action)

Charms (0):

Upgrades (5): Dwarf, Superior, Armor-Piercing, Bleed, Keen

  • Dwarf {craftsmanship} (+5 gear bonus with weapon’s damage saves, +1 save)
  • Superior {material} (+1 damage, +1 save)
  • Armor-Piercing {customization} (adds AP 2 quality, +25% weight)
  • Bleed {customization} (adds Bleed quality)
  • Keen {customization} (adds Keen 4 quality, +25% weight)

Nagamaki 1d10+1 lethal, 19–20 threat, Finesse, Guard +1, AP 2, Keen 4, Bleed
M/2H, 15 lbs., Hard 4


Nagamaki “Zephyr”
returning from getting her new armor fitted to her form, Shesa fought and held off a Soregg, alone, protecting a wounded dwarf it had caught unprepared. through luck, as much as skill, and the aid of her armor, Shesa managed to fatally wound the Soregg before help arrived to finish it off. in gratitude, (and because he took it as a challenge to his craft that the magic armor Shesa used was elven) the dwarf’s father (a master mage-smith) crafted Zephyr as a replacement for the blade Shesa broke in the fight against the Soregg


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