Our story at Present

Lord Samulbrar was granted this estate and local town by the upper nobility of the Janno quite a few years ago, after the former lord Naerindyl and his family killed themselves by setting their own home aflame, rather than live in disgrace.

A few years back, Lord Samulbrar went on an extensive trip, returning with a young man named Danik as his ward. Through some snooping that Janus did revealed that Lord Samulbrar was sunchasing then, and had thwarted a group of hag Cronists, freeing Danik at the time.

The townsfolk have been suffering from a resident vampire, and they strongly believe Lord Samulbrar to be the culprit. They’ve also have told The Rivers of Freedom stories of injustices committed by him as well.

Lord Samulbrar is supposedly fairly old, but still looks to be in the prime of life. The townsfolk had nicknamed him Man Forever, but now suspect the true source of his lasting youth is that he is a vampire.

Freed the royal constable, Teda, from a mental block. Now she can remember that Lord Samulbrar is a vampire and had put her under a domination.

On a more personal issue, a young lass by the name of Vasyl has become quite smitten by Janus.

Both Teda and Vasyl are going to organize the peasantry for armed defense against the vampire, and will have a meeting tonight, or tomorrow at the latest.

Lord Samulbrar himself feels an extreme sense of paranoia that someone is out to get him. He wonders if it might be someone of relation to the old Naerindyl family.

Danik is missing, having supposedly gone off to the old manor ruins.

The Rivers of Freedom found a chamber under a storage building from the old manor ruins that seemed to be the abode of a pair of vampires. A journal of a few scattered documents seems to have been made with Lord Samulbrar’s handwriting, but upon closer inspection they look to be forged.

When The Rivers of Freedom were heading back to the manor to look for Danik, you found his trail and later signs of a large struggle on the path. Eventually, the tracks just disappear, but they were headed back to the old ruined manor.

The Rivers of Freedom finally arrived at the manor, and had discovered a drunk and unconcious hagspawn in the old vineyard that they hadn’t looked in before. It seems the creature was eating the grapes there, but they had a malignant curse on them, like over the rest of the place, and were quite potent. You were able to follow his trail back down into a valley with a small, mucky lake in it. However upon closer inspection, the lake proved to be an illusion, hiding underneath it a collection of old buildings, in which several hagspawn and at least one hag, were residing.

Our story at Present

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