“At the heart of the Thousand-River Valley are the ruin-studded grasslands of Anmai — the proving grounds of sunchasers seeking glory through discovery and battle. These plains are rolling and fair, with small woods filling the valley’s broad center. Waterways cut narrow canyons through the hills and highlands, and sometimes you don’t see these clefts in the ground until you’re standing at the very edge of a fatal tumble. Life is everywhere here — green moss and thick brush cling to every surface, and animals both meek and massive browse among the foliage. The white limestone bed of the valley is riddled with natural caves and caverns in which flowing water produces fairytale landscapes of carved passages and living flows of stone.”

This is the home of the Janno, and Faer Pahdri is the greatest city of the lands and the defacto capitol of (most of) the Janno.

The Six Lakes

This is home to those who prefer to not live under a king, though there are exceptions here and there.


A small village on the northern edge of the Siz Lakes. They still have a distant loyalty to the lords of Pahdri.


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