Elven Lich Lords

Lord Soth the Keeper of Dragons is the emperor’s right hand and in charge of security in the realm and its prisons. He is the one tasked with keeping the empire’s most valuable prisoner, the Dragon King Ashardalon. Of all the lich lords, he alone has loyalty to the emperor that is unquestionable.

Lord Yoleng, the Rider of the Ancient Ones, is in charge of the imperial drake riders, who are both a military power and a method of communication. The drakes are held in sway due to their dragon king’s imprisonment. There is some gossip of his growing incompetence, due to several sightings of wild drakes here and there in the empire.

Lord Ankho, the Echo of the Sands, is a historian and in charge of excavations and recovery operations in the desert. He has been keen on the re-exploration of the far west, rather than the conquest, in particular after a recent event last year of the returning of many thought lost. It is well known that he cares vey little about the politics of the empire, and would prefer to concentrate fully on his projects.

Lady Tsasha, the Guardian of Bitterness, is another of the historians of the empire. Her specialty is tracking the wrongs against the elves, and with the teaching of law. Some say she was also highly involved in the research of legendary artefacts of old, now long forgotten by the rest of us.

Lord Waltren, the Summoner of the Dead, is the chief necromancer, and the one who designed the phylacteries the emperor and his lords use. He is in charge of the great construction efforts around the empire, using both slaves and the undead. Some question the wisdom of latter being spread so thoroughly throughout the empire.

Lady Athasha, the Herald of Revenge, is in Grand General over all the armies of the empire and is the one planning our conquests. Despite her title, she is considered among the lower ranks of the twelve high lich lords. She may be looking for opportunities with the conquest west to change that.

Lady Ankira, the Speaker of the Ancestors, is the third and final historian of the lords, and has been a stabilizing voice in the Hall of Lords since it was founded. She is known for her spiritual connection and speaking with the departed. She bears no illusions of flesh or fine garments, and leaves her desiccated body bear for all to see, as a reminder to the other lords who have more vanity. She has plainly stated to the emperor’s face that she has no loyalty to him, only to our heritage. Though neither does she hold malice against him.

Lord Herota, the Singer of Battle, is in charge of the battle mages and magesmiths, the latter being an art still recovering from the cataclysm that nearly destroyed the empire. He works closely with Soth and Zies and the mystical uses of dragon’s blood, and other creatures of magic.

Lady Kirazoa, Eater of the Full Moon, is in charge of the assassins and mage hunters. Whereas Soth is reactive with his security, Kirazoa is proactive, and the two do not get along. Though you are safe while in your appointed apartments it would be unwise to wander about too far without an eye on your backs.

Lord Herakatep, the Messenger of Nightmares, is a foreteller of omens and deals with the soregg and lyss prisoners. Everyone has an opinion of him, some good, others bad, but there is no one that views him neutrally. Nor is there anyone he does not have a strong opinion of. It is suspected that he has gotten too close to his work, and is mad. He was displeased at the potential release of the lyss king prisoner, one he has not had the pleasure to… “commune” with for quite some time.

Lady Tolta the Widow of the Abyss, is in charge of the monsters of the eastern sea and the shipping therein and other commerce. Her husband, who also became a lich, was formerly in charge of the sea monsters, but has since perished (again) in an event long in the past. She delights in making use of the new creations of her step-mother, who she takes after even more than her former husband did.

Lady Zies, the Mother of the Deep, the mother in law to Tolta, she is the grand genius behind the development of the sea monsters, as well as many others, found in the deep places of the earth. Perhaps many of the monsters adventurers run into are her doing. It is far better to be taken as a prisoner by Soth or Herakatep than to be given to Zies.

Elven Lich Lords

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