Game Rules

Campaign Qaulities

  • Adventure Insurance: People respect the stout of heart, even when fate doesn’t. If a hero loses a Prize while being heroic or through no fault of his own (e.g. drops a magic sword into a chasm to catch a falling teammate, suffers the accidental death of a Contact, etc.), he immediately regains 1/2 the Prize’s Reputation value (rounded down). This “rebate” is granted at the GM’s sole discretion and should not apply when a hero deliberately gives up a Prize without a heroic reason, or when he loses a Prize for callous or greedy reasons (e.g. knowingly puts a Contact at risk, trades a magic item for personal gain, etc.).
  • Dramatic Pacing: Time bends to meet the needs of the story. Durations and time restrictions lasting more than 1 hour instead last until the end of the scene (e.g. a balm that typically lasts 8 hours instead lasts the rest of the scene and a potion that may typically be used once per day may instead be used once per scene).
  • Fast Feats: Each player character gains 1 extra feat at Career Level 2 and every 2 levels thereafter. This replaces the extra feats on Table 1.4: Career Level (see page 27).
  • Super Fast Feats: Each player character gains 1 extra feat at Career Level 2 and every level thereafter. This replaces the extra feats on Table 1.4: Career Level (see page 27).
  • Greater Magic Items: Magic items are especially powerful and may have up to 2 Charms and 2 Essences. Also, when randomly generating a magic item, roll twice on table 4.31 and apply both results (see page 194).
  • Larger-than-life Heroes: Heroes stand head and shoulders above their peers. At character creation, player characters start with 40 points to buy attribute scores and may purchase scores above 18 at 5 points per score beyond 18 (i.e. a starting score of 20 costs 32 points).
  • Miracles: Alignments grant fantastic powers — perhaps controlled, perhaps not (see page 309). You may tailor miracles with these additional qualities.
    • Beneficent Universe: The universe rewards the pious. When a character gains his first Alignment, he immediately takes the first Step along one of its Paths.
  • Sorcery: Magic is real and may be harnessed and controlled in the form of spells. NPCs gain this ability with the Spellcasting Signature Skill (see page 228), while player characters may take levels in one or more arcane caster classes (see page 110). You may tailor magic with these additional qualities.

New Character Options



  • [-0.5] Achilles Heel: Fire
  • [-0.5] Aloof
  • [0.0] Biped, Speed 30
  • [0.0] Medium, Reach 1
  • [0.0] Fey (natural animals flee, refusing to fight unless trained to fight fey or attacked. also doesn’t age}
  • [3.0] Plant {gain: Aquatic I & Light Sleeper npc qualities. Immune to Disease, Poison, Sneak Attack damage, & the Fixated, Paralyzed, & Sickened conditions}
  • [1.0] level 0 spell (Tree Walk I*) (step into and out of a tree at-will}
  • [3.0] +2 Dex, +2 Cha, -2 Str
  • [1.0] Low-Light Vision {ignore the effects of dim and faint light}


Path of Dragons

Alignments: Dragon Kings

  • Dragons I: You gain 3x your Path step in Resistance to one of the following damage types: acid, cold, electrical, fire, flash, force, sonic, or stress.
  • Dragons II: You gain Draconic Heritage as a bonus feat.
  • Dragons III: When you spend an action die to boost unarmed or melee damage, you may convert it to the same damage type as your resistance, without penalty.
  • Dragons IV: Your allies gain the benefits of your first step ability.
  • Dragons V: You gain Draconic Legacy and Truescale as bonus feats. Your damage type for Truescale matches your Resistance granted by step I.
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Game Rules

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